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Liquid Damage MacBook Repair

Liquid Damage

Liquid spills on a Macbook is serious because it erodes delicate electrical parts, but it can still be rectified. At Apple, you’ll get estimates of $1000 – $2000 to fix your Macbook’s water damage. They’ll likely say they need to replace the entire logicboard . In truth, they’re not interested in putting in the effort to fix the salvageable parts you already have: it’s simpler for them to overcharge you by replacing everything.

The average cost for liquid damage repair is $400 – $700

Short Circuits & No Power

The moment your MacBook starts to have functional issues you should have it accessed by an experienced repair shop. Using it further will exacerbate the problem. Electricity flowing through wet, corroded or shorted malfunctioning components can cause severe damage, like the mother board pictured. While even extensive damage is repairable, minimising it increases the chances of a successful and cost effective repair.

Component Level Board Repair

We offer component level motherboard repair without the need to replace the entire MacBook motherboard. Post repair we ultrasonically clean the board to ensure no further corrosion or dust will cause further damage.

Our board service takes on average 2 – 4 days and comes with a 4 month warranty.

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