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Liquid Damage Repair

Motherboard Repair Shops in Parnell & Ponsonby, Auckland

Qualified Electronics Engineer
3-Month warranty
Free Anti-Bacterial Clean
In House Parts = Fast Service

MacBook Logic Board

Liquid damage, overheating or dust can cause crucial chips to fail on MacBooks.

Our in house electronics engineer can quickly repair common MacBook issues, including, Backlight IC chip, SMC chip, Power management chip, Blown capacitors / resistors.

“Repairs on Logic Boards cost less than 1/2 of a full Board replacement”

Microsoft Surface Motherboard

Our in house engineer can quickly repair common Microsoft Surface issues  including, bulging batteries , flickering screen (flicker gate), and blown capacitors / resistors from liquid exposure.

“Board repairs on MS Surface devices cost less than 1/4 of a replacement unit”

iPhone Logic Board

Issues arise with iPhones after 2 years, our in house engineer can easily fix, audio IC, touch IC, power management chip, non-genuine battery warning, fast draining power, ghost touching & liquid damaged related issues.

“Most logic repairs are completed in 24 hours”

Samsung Galaxy Boards

Samsung use an all in one design, which means some components that easily fail, like the charging port and microphones need to be replaced via removing the old component and micro-soldering a new component to the motherboard.

Microphone or charging port replacement usually takes 3-4 hours

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