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Xbox & Playstation Repair

Shops in Parnell & Ponsonby, Auckland

HDMI & Power Socket

Broken or faulty ports can be a common issue on Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles. These sockets are generally soldered to the motherboard so we need to remove and replace at a microsoldering level. The issue can also be the power supply, which regulates the power to the motherboard.

SSD & Hard Drive

A broken drive will cause boot loop, no booting or intermittent shut downs on gaming consoles. Luckily this is a relatively straight forward repair and upgrades are usually inexpensive.

Motherboard Short Circuits

Issues that are not immediately distinguisable are usually related to the mother board. Our engineer will disassemble the Xbox or Playstation and diagnose the board to check for short circuits or faulty integrated circuits (IC’s). Repairs can take up to 2 weeks for this issue.

Software Issues

Corrupted operating system software will cause the console to operate strangely, turn off or simply not boot. We will run diagnostic tools to locate the issue and either reinstall the operating system or clear the errors.



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