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iPad Repair

Repair Shops in Parnell & Ponsonby, Auckland

Screen Repair

iPad screen repairs are usually completed same day, we back the repair with a 4 month warranty. We stock screens for most iPad Mini, Pro & Air models. With a special attention to student models; iPad  6 & 7.

Battery Replacement

iPad battery replacements are usually completed same day. We use genuine batteries which we back with a 6 month warranty.

We recommend a replacement if the iPad battery health is less than 80% or, of course, if the battery is expanding and pushing up on the screen.

Charging Port Replacement

iPad Charging Ports get a lot of abuse. Charger inserted at an angle,  forgetting the iPad is plugged in.

Charging port replacements are usually completed on the same day.

We use Genuine Parts backed with a 4 Month Warranty ,to make sure that your iPad gets the right amount of power, to last as long as possible and reach peak performance.

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