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Microsoft Surface Repair

Repair Shops in Parnell & Ponsonby, Auckland

Screen Replacement

We stock screens for most Microsoft Surface models, repairs are usually completed same day, usually 3-4 hours. All screen repairs are backed with a 4 month warranty.

Newer MS Surface models may require custom parts orders (5-10 days). Please enquire to confirm.


Bulging Battery

This is very common. As soon as you see the screen separating from the frame, you know this is the battery expanding. Mostly the screen is not affected and it simply needs the battery replaced. 

Do not use the Surface if the screen has separated from the frame / chassis. If the battery explodes it’s very dangerous. The fumes (hydrogen fluoride) are VERY toxic, if it starts hissing run like the clappers.


No Power / Water Damage

We have an in house electronics engineer to diagnose the mother board to see if a repair is economical. The cost for a diagnostic is $45 and credited towards the cost of repair if you proceed.

All repairs are backed with a 4-6 month warranty.




Get A Repair Quote

We’ll respond with a price within hours, or call 0800 U SMASH for an instant quote.