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Data Security

Data privacy is a critical aspect of of SMASHED IT’s service standards. We actively avoid accessing personal information and adhere to the following protocols.

All our workstations are under CCTV surveillance, any customer may request footage of their repair within 7 days, an admin fee of $45 is applicable.

No device data is retained or passed on to third parties.

Any approved backup is encrypted and deleted after 30 days.

Once we complete a repair we need to run a full function quality control test, this is most effective if you provide us with the device’s passcode, but you may also decline if you have sensitive data.

If you decide to not provide your passcode:


We asked that assistive touch is activated and the camera is not disabled from the lock menu. See our video here for more info.

Mac / PC / Surface:

We ask that a guest account is active.


We ask you do a full backup and reset to factory settings so we can run full access testing.

If you provide us with your passcode we will access: 

  • Phone / Call app (test phone call, mic, speakers, sensors)
  • Camera (test cameras, we don’t access photos or gallery)
  • Settings (test calibrations & network signals)
  • Buttons, WIFI & USB charging amperage,
  • We will not open any other apps or data.