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Terms & Conditions

Data Security:

See here for our protocols.


Warranty Periods:

Aftermarket iPhone screen: 2 months

Genuine iPhone screen: 4 months

MacBook Screen: 4 months 

Battery replacements: 6 months

Water damage & motherboard repairs: 3 months

RAM / SSD Upgrades: 24 months

Other repairs: 4 months

Accessories: 3 months

Cases: These are a wear and tear item and no warranty is provided outside of clear defects.


Quoted Timeframes:

Although we try and meet our time frames for repairs, issues do crop up when we open up damaged electronics, we cannot foresee these issues and extra time may be required, including ordering additional parts from overseas.


Warranty Limitations:

We do not warranty issues on a device outside of the repaired function

All warranty claims must be brought back to us for assessment, any diagnostic performed elsewhere will void the warranty.

Refunds will only be issued if the repair does remedy the original issue and we are able to remove our parts. Due to safety and e-Waste protocols we cannot reinstall the original part.


Screen Exclusions:

Our guarantee does not cover impact damage causing broken glass or vertical lines on OLED models.


Minimum Charges:

When we open a device with a labour time longer than 30 mins we have a minimum charge of $45 incl GST.


Loan Devices:

We do not profit off loan devices, these are provided complimentary, therefore we have charge for loss or damage to a maximum of:

  • $150 iPhone or Android 
  • $500 MacBook 
  • $400 Surface Pro

Devices returned as iCloud / Google locked are billed at full cost.



Quotes are valid for 7 days.


Repair Liability:

Upon acceptance of a device, liability is assumed to the value of an exact item based on condition & age.

We do not take liability for a device’s function if it is presented to us non-functional.

We do not take responsibility for cases or screen guards.

Although we take every precaution to keep data, we request that all customers back up their data as we cannot get insurance for customer data loss.

Any visible damage outside of wear and tear on a device, which was not present at the time of repair, will void the warranty. This includes any cracks on the glass or LCD.

We take no liability for water damage on a device after it has been repaired

Devices submitted for repair that are not paid for within 30 days will be disposed of or sold to cover our costs.

When you retain our services you agree that the work will void the manufactures warranty.


Part Quality:

Some manufacturers will not sell us replacement parts in NZ, to offer the highest quality parts we must procure these parts via parallel channels, this may include parts stripped from new devices (original new) or original materials sourced from the manufactures and then assembled by a third party (OEM).



Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remain the property of their respective owners. This site, which includes firms or their logos, is not intended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation with the respected brand.

All offers on our website and subsequent media are intended as an invitation to treat, a contract to supply parts and services is only binding upon receipt of full payment.


Accessory Sales:

All accessory sales are final, we do not issue refunds. Replacements are issued if there is a an issue with the accessory within 30 days of purchase.