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iPhone Repair

Stores in Parnell & Ponsonby, Auckland

Glass Only Screen Repair

A glass only iPhone repair removes the top layer of glass and bonds a new layer over the screen.

This works if just the glass is smashed but the OLED & touch work. 

This is a cheaper option than replacing the full iPhone display however does take longer (overnight repair), but we do offer free loan iPhones.

Full Screen Replacement

An iPhone full screen replacement takes 1 hour.

We use high quality OLED screens as opposed to lower quality LCD versions.

Battery Replacement

Batteries take 1 hour for iPhone 6 – X series.

XS series and later take 4 hours as we need to additionally replace the chip to avoid a Non Genuine battery notification **

Charging Port, Speaker, Microphone & Camera Repair

  • We stock most replacement iPhone components for models 7 – 13.
  • Most iPhone Repairs take 1 hour if the part is in stock.
  • If the part needs to be custom ordered it may take 3 – 7 days.

Back Glass Repair

  • iPhone back glass replacements take around 4 hours (6 hours for iPhone 12 models).
  • Ideally we would like to do this overnight as the replacement glass & adhesive takes time to dry, if it’s knocked within the first 24 hours it can cause water resistance issues.
  • Free iPhone loan phones!



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