We Repair, Service & Upgrade

We Repair, Service & Upgrade

Original Parts
4 month warranty
Courtesy Loan Phone
1 Hour Repairs

Workmanship Is Super Important To Us

  • Tweqd S. Avatar

    Great communication and assistance. Very professional and customer focused.

    Tweqd S. 12/01/2018
    Ernesto L. Avatar

    Excellent service, they've solved my issue quick and easy. I'd totally recommend it.

    Ernesto L. 11/30/2018
    Oberzocker 5. Avatar

    Went there for my broken phone charger point inside the phone. Top Service good quality and fast. Anytime again.

    Oberzocker 5. 11/15/2018
  • C P. Avatar

    Quick same day repair and a reasonable price which was accurately quoted. I used the online quote system and they... read more

    C P. 10/23/2018
    Joel L. Avatar

    These guys are amazing. So so quick to turn the repair around, amazing price and they helped me with shipping... read more

    Joel L. 9/19/2018
    David H. Avatar

    Was in dire straits yesterday when my Mac Book Pro just died on me. Took the machine in at... read more

    David H. 8/16/2018
  • Kirsty C. Avatar

    Brilliant service, great price, and a quality repair, quickly!

    Kirsty C. 8/15/2018
    Bhavik P. Avatar

    Brought in a Macbook Pro to have its screen replaced. Part was in stock and repair was done in a... read more

    Bhavik P. 8/14/2018
    David Y. Avatar

    Brought my iPhone X in with a completely smashed screen. Only took the boys 1 hour and it looks like... read more

    David Y. 8/10/2018
  • Olga S. Avatar

    Two times I've gone to repair my phone there and I'm more than happy of their constantly attention and friendly... read more

    Olga S. 7/04/2018
    Diana R. Avatar

    These guys were fantastic! They did their very best including telling me about other phones like mine that died mysteriously... read more

    Diana R. 6/06/2018
    Carol A. Avatar

    iPhone 6S Plus smashed screen replaced in 45mins. Very happy with the service and the nice man in the shop.... read more

    Carol A. 4/21/2017
  • Vikram A. Avatar

    Very friendly and professional service I recommend it!

    Vikram A. 3/31/2017
    Daniele Z. Avatar

    iPhone 6 battery replaced during a lunch break, quick and reliable!

    Daniele Z. 11/06/2016
    Maraea H. Avatar

    5 star rating Awesome as always!!! Had the battery replaced on a iPhone 6, have been going here to our phones fixed for... read more

    Maraea H. 10/09/2016

Fast Repairs!

----- 2 mins ----- 60 mins ----- 2 hours ------ Same Day -----


Quality control (QC) is a fundamental element to repairs, all our parts are tested for quality, strength & longevity, check out our Vlog to see how we stress test.

Luxury Leather Cases

Designed in NZ. Argentinian Cowhide Leather.

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  • We strive to deliver four key fundamentals:

    1. The use of the highest quality original parts
    2. Transparent pricing & part quality information
    3. Quality workmanship
    4. An express service

    Investing significant amounts of time & money into quality control, communication and research gives us confidence that we are offering the best possible service.

  • All repairs are backed by a 4 month warranty. Broken phones can be troublesome to repair due to the small size of components so issues do crop up, in this case we try and fix any issue on the spot, if not we prioritise the warranty repair ahead of other jobs.

  • Most repairs we offer are done in 1 hour, however we do recommend booking an appointment to ensure we have the part in stock, we are not backlogged and the repair can be completed in that time frame.

  • For screens we procure 2 qualities. New original and new aftermarket.

    For batteries, cameras etc we only use original parts.

  • 99 / 100 – NO. Some repairs require a firmware reinstall which deletes all data,  but we will advise if this is required before going ahead.

    Although we take full liability for your device, we do not take liability for data, so if possible please backup your device prior to repair.



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