iPhone Repair

Stores in Parnell, Auckland & Takapuna, North Shore
Original Parts
4 month warranty
Courtesy Loan Phone
1 Hour Repairs

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Fast Repairs

The time taken to complete iPhone repairs via booking, walk in requests are done on a best efforts basis, generally under 2 hours.

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Screen / LCD Repair
Charging Port Repair
Battery Replacement
Speaker / Microphone Replacement
Back Glass Replacement

iPhone Screen Strength

We test the strength of glass on aftermarket and original iPhone screens.

Original Retina LCD / OLED & Gorilla Glass Screen


– 4 month warranty
– Stronger build quality
– Gorilla Glass resists most medium impacts
– Anti scratch & fingerprint coating
– Original backlights have a crisp white hue
– Longevity of screen is double that of 3rd party qualities


– Expect to pay higher prices for higher quality

Aftermarket / Copy Screen


– Cheaper than original material screens
– Better than defect or B grade LCD qualities found in most Trade Me or eBay listings
– iX & later models use aftermarket flexible OLED, which is better than LCD or rigid OLED aftermarket screens.


– 2 month warranty
– Weaker glass
– Backlight is slightly dull and has a warmer hue
– Touch response is slightly slower
– Force touch may have issues after 3 months



Get A Price

Prices change on a weekly basis so email or call 0800 U SMASH for an up to date quote.

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