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MacBook Repair

Repair Shops in Parnell & Ponsonby, Auckland

Screen Repair

MacBook screen repairs takes 2- 4 hours. We use genuine screens, which we back with a 4 month warranty. Every repair gets a logic-board service and an antibacterial clean, see below for more info.

We also offer free loan MacBooks.

Battery Replacement

MacBook battery replacements take 1-4 hours depending on the model. We use genuine batteries, which we back with a 6 month warranty.

We recommend a replacement if the MacBook battery cycle count is 1000 or more, or if the battery is expanding and pushing up on the keyboard and trackpad or under the bottom case.

Water Damage & Logic Board Repair

Water damage, impact, short circuits, no power? Our in house engineer can replace individual faulty chips / IC’s on a logic board, this saves about 50% compared to replacing the board.

The cost for a diagnostic is $45 and is credited towards the cost of repair if you proceed.

All logic board repairs are backed with a 3 month warranty.

Port, Fan and Speaker Replacement

Macbooks are well designed devices known for their reliability. However, some parts may fail over time.

Most ports and small parts replacements are done on the same day, provided that we have it in stock.

We use Genuine Parts backed with a 4 Month Warranty, to ensure longevity and performance.

Free Service Upgrade With Any Repair

Fan & Logicboard

All Apple MacBook repairs receive a free fan and logic board service to remove Dust and grime which accumulates inside the Mac and can cause a fatal short-circuit.

Anti Bacterial Clean

Every Mac repair is given a full screen, keyboard & track pad anti-bacterial clean to remove bacteria / germs, dust, food lodged in the keyboard & smears on the LCD. Your Mac will come back looking & smelling like new.

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