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We stock most MacBook parts so we can complete repairs in 1-4 hours for smashed or faulty LCD screens, faulty keyboards & trackpads as well as all OS, RAM, SSD & data recovery issues.

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Screen Repair
OS Service / Reinstall
Trackpad Replacement
SSD Replacement
Keyboard Replacement
Water Damage
iMac Drive / RAM / OS

Free Service With Any MacBook Repair

Fan & Logicboard Service

All Apple MacBook repairs receive a free fan and logic board service to remove Dust and grime which accumulates inside the Mac and can cause a fatal short-circuit.

Anti Bacterial Clean

Every Mac repair is given a full screen, keyboard & track pad anti-bacterial clean to remove bacteria / germs, dust, food lodged in the keyboard & smears on the LCD. Your Mac will come back looking & smelling like new.


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