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Make your MacBook 2013 – 2016 up to 10x Faster with NVME SSD’s


Older MacBooks can become too slow for today’s age of tech. How about changing that with a new, faster form of storage?

Solution Step 1:

Upgrade the system to one of the more recent updates

  • High Sierra 10.13
  • Mojave 10.14
  • Catalina 10.15 or,
  • Big Sur 11.0

This is VERY important. Once you have updated the device, shut it down.

Solution Step 2:

Install the SSD using the hardware that comes with the MacBook.

Solution Step 3:

HOLD down OPTION+Command-R then power on the device.

Once you see the Apple logo or a spinning globe you have done it correctly. If the device boots into MacOS you’ve done it wrong… try again.

Solution Step 4:

Connect to wifi and wait for system recovery to come up. Once you are in recovery you should see “Install MacOS Big Sur”. From there you can either install Big Sur or restore a back up as long as its a version listed in step 1.



Wait for that to finish and youre done!

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