PC Laptop Repair

Repairs For HP, Toshiba, ACER, Dell & Microsoft Laptops

Repair Times

Times are subject to a booking, walk-in repairs are done on a best efforts basis.

0 ......... | ........ 1 hour ......... | ........ 4 hours ......... | ........ 2 days ........ | ........ 4 days ......|
Laptop LCD Screen
RAM & SSD Upgrades
Win Upgrades
Custom Order Part

Windows 10 Issues / Data Recovery

If  your PC laptop or MS Surface Pro is running slow, has a virus or a hard drive failure; we can wipe the disk and reinstall a fresh version of Windows 10 within a few hours.

Alternatively we can retrieve data from corrupted hard drives or clone a hard drive to a new solid state drive.


Keyboard / Trackpad

Keyboard & trackpad faults due to impact, age or liquid damage can be replaced in 48 hours.


Upgrade your HDD to a SSD, we stock 128, 256 & 512GB Solid State Drives.


PC Laptop Display / LCD

Broken LCD? Replacing the screen on most PC laptops is usually quite affordable, parts are locally sourced for 48 hour turnarounds.


Get A Price

We’ll respond with a price within hours, or call 0800 U SMASH for an instant quote.