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iPhone Battery Replacement Guide


After a few years of use and iPhone’s battery will start to degrade and you will notice the power draining quite quickly.

Replacing the battery will bring the phones life back to how it was out of the box.

The trouble is there is a range of copy, aftermarket & used batteries out there which offer little improvement and a very short life cycle.

Forged / Copy iPhone 6 battery – lasted 357 charges
Fake iPhone X battery, drains life very quickly upon testing.


An original iPhone battery should last a minimum of 500 charge cycles or 2 years, depending on individual usage.

Make sure the battery is a genuine iPhone battery by testing it on a battery data reading tool or you can use an app like Coconut battery to check the status & health.

Genuine iPhone battery. 0 charge count.
Genuine iPhone 7 battery. 0 charge count.

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