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iPhone 7 & 8 Plus Touch Problems After A Screen Replacement


My screens touch has stopped working after a screen replacement

iPhone 7 & 8 Plus use several different brands of display – LG, Sharp and Toshiba.

If the device was shipped with an LG screen and a replacement Sharp screen is fitted then there is a 50% chance you will experience touch issues approximately 2 days after installation.

This is only an issue with genuine screens. If an aftermarket replacement screen is used there sh0uldnt be any dramas, that being said, aftermarket screens generally have issues of their own later down the line. Genuine screens are always recommended.

In order to resolve this issue, you either need to install the same screen version the device shipped with or use an aftermarket screen.

How do I know what screen version I have?

On the back side of the screen under the wide display cable there is a long serial number. This starts with a 3 letters and or numbers. These numbers indicate which screen you have. See below:

iPhone 7 Plus Toshiba Screen. C11
iPhone 7 Plus LG Screen. DTP


Now that you have the code you can match it to a genuine replacement screen. Below is a full list of Codes, you just need to match the Brand, i.e. a DTP is compatible with a C3F as both are LG.


Code: DTP & C3F


Code: DHK & C01


Code: C11 & F7C

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