Cloud Back Ups – Essential!

On average late model mobile phones have an 8-12 MP camera, and lenses boasting names like Carl Zeiss and Sony so it’s no wonder important moments and events are now exclusively captured on smartphones, but what happens if the phone fails?

Recently we have had numerous customers lose countless photos (and data) due to malfunction or damage to their phone. The loss to our customers has been focused on the sentimental value of these photos, unfortunately, the majority of devices were beyond repair and / or not backed up, so here in lies the focus of our article, cloud backups.

Apple iPhones use a syncing application called iTunes, which backs up photos and data via WIFI or USB. Samsung Galaxy phones use a similar application called Kies, Blackberry and Nokia also have similar syncing tools. We recommend users back up their devices at least once a week so that in the unlikely event of a mishap all data is saved and can be restored to a new device.

To take it one step further, if you are on holiday and accidentally lose your phone after one too many mojitos do you lose that photo of you (insert awesomeness moment here), well no you don’t have to. The app Dropbox (free) automatically uploads every photo or video you take to your Dropbox cloud account. You can access this photo/video again from any phone or computer with an Internet or data connection.

To summarise, if you prolifically use your phone camera to capture precious moments but don’t quite grasp the cloud back up then contact us for a quick and easy solution.