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Butterfly Key & Keyboard Replacement on a MacBook


MacBook laptops manufactured between 2016 and 2019 used a Butterfly keyboard system. The design is prone to issues, which can be double taps, the keys falling off or just non responsive when typing.

Solution 1:

If the keys are simply broken or missing but the underlying mechanism is intact we can replace the keys quite cheaply.

This is quite effective if the damage is minimal.

Solution 2:

If the underlying mechanism is broken we need to replace the whole keyboard & backlight. This option can cause slightly more travel on the keys as the frame is not designed to be repaired, it is also not as durable as solution 3 below.

Solution 3:

Complete top case replacement. We remove the logic board and transplant it to a new top case / frame. As this is a factory fitted part the alignment & key feedback is 100% as new.

The added benefit is the MacBook top cases come with the track pad and a new touch bar.

This option provides the best cosmetic & functional outcome and is what we recommend at all our insurance & corporate customers.

It is also the only option if the damage is due to liquid exposure or food / debris.

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