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Playstation & Xbox Repair

Repair Shops in Parnell & Ponsonby, Auckland

SSD Upgrades

Wether you are looking for more storage, or increase your Playstation or Xbox console’s loading speed, replacing its original HDD with a SSD will suit your needs.

Freezing or Crashing Console

Most of the time, a frozen Playstation or Xbox can be bypassed by restarting it. If it keeps on happening, this might be the sign that something is wrong within the console and will require a repair diagnostic & quote.

Damaged HDMI Port

Plugging and unplugging HDMI cables from A Playstation or Xbox will cause wear on the system’s port. If your cable is wiggling or simply not outputting anything, it will need to be replaced.

Noisy Fan

Fans play a critical role when it comes to longevity of Sony & Microsoft gaming consoles. Fan noises are the sign of either a dirty, or faulty fan assembly.

Console Red Light Blinking

This issue occurs most of the time when the system is overheated. 
Fixing this issue will assure that the main components of the console will operate at optimal temperature.

Fail To Boot / Boot Looping

Xbox & Playstation units can be temperamental. They are complex systems that require every component to work together. If yours is acting up, something is not right and will need repair.


Your controller is the main way to interact with your gaming system. If some of the buttons stop working or some of the functions are lost, it will need to be diagnosed and repaired.

Connectivity Issues

Xbox & Playstation are highly dependent on online connectivity.
If you are experiencing difficulties connecting to PSN or Xbox Live, we can help solve those problems.

Get A Repair Quote

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