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No Keyboard Backlight After MacBook Screen Replacement


After replacing the screen on a MacBook A1932, A1989 or A1990 there is no keyboard backlight or camera function.

Each screen on MacBook Pro and Air are interchangeable between 2016 – 2020 models however the camera & light sensor are different between years.

For example an A1932 2018 screen will fit on an A1932 2019 body, however the camera, keyboard backlight and true tone will not work. It is the same with the 15″ Pro A1707 & A1990.

Wrong Screen – No Keyboard Backlight
Correct Screen – Keyboard Backlight OK


The correct screen must be installed to suit the model & year e.g. A1989 2019 or A1932 2019.

If the screen is correct and either the true tone, camera or keyboard backlight do not work then the screen is faulty.

If this is an issue you have experienced, take the MacBook back to the repair shop and as for the correct screen to be installed.

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